ATS integration.

Through our seamless integration, we enable talent teams to get the most out of their ATS’ by adding a layer of intelligence to their recruitment with Param.

  • One-click integration
  • Seamless workflow
  • Intuitive User Interface

ATS integrations we support

Greenhouse is an applicant tracking system and recruiting software designed to optimize your entire recruiting process. Find better candidates, conduct more focused interviews, and make data-driven hiring decisions

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Recruiterbox helps growing companies hire simply and predictably. Most recruiting software is so clunky and cumbersome that people often relapse to using email and spreadsheets. Recruiterbox intends to change that. We understand that hiring works best when people collaborate and make informed decisions together.

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Darwinbox innovative HR software lets you manage the entire employee lifecycle on one unified HR solutions platform, with design standards maintained for an intuitive and rich user experience. HR Management software is the deliberate end to end process tracking and HRMS software solutions for businesses.

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